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Free Online Tech Support

With Home Techy, everyone single person, Australia Wide can benefit from free online tech support (subject to our fair use policy). We believe technology has the power to help everyone, and we want to ensure every Australian can benefit from technology that works exactly as it should. If we can't help, we will always try and point you in the right direction.

These are some of the things we can provide free tech support on.

Tech Tune Up

If you need some more hands on help, that's where you can really benefit from the skills and expertise of your local Home Techy. We can arrange online tech support at market leading prices. Receive best in class tech support in your own time, from the confort of your own home.

We will troubleshoot the issues you're facing, and most of the time, will be able to solve your problem on the spot. Online tech support sessions usually last about an hour, and are usually conducted after hours or on weekends for your convenience.

Here is how a Tech Tune Up could help you.

  • Set up your home network to make sure all your devices are set up and talking.

      • Get a mesh network to ensure all your devices are connected in every corner of your home

      • Optimise your home WiFi.

      • Perfectly positioned devices to limit interference. Did you know a fridge and microwave will block your WiFi?

      • Get all your devices talking for a truly smart and wireless home.

  • Set up your home office.

      • Speed up your sluggish laptop.

      • Get all your devices talking with a solid WiFi network.

      • Less dropouts and speed fluctuations.

      • Home printers that actually work when you need them.

  • Get your smart appliances talking for a truly smart home.

      • Control your lights, AC, kitchen equipment automatically, with your voice or with a dedicated smart device.

      • Turn your lights on while you're out.

      • Get your water boiling in time for your alarm clock to wake you up.

      • Ensure a secure and safe home with fully integrated smart security.

      • Netflix and Impress with a smart living room optimised for movie night.

      • We will use your preferred smart home service such as Google Home, Samsung Smart Things, Apple Homekit.

  • Troubleshoot all your issues and get your devices working they way they should now.

      • Our hometechy can test all the tech in your home remotely

      • Solve your tech hiccups, and recommend solutions that work for you.

Home Technology Solutions

We will work with you to create a solution that works for your needs and within your budget. Tell us about your specific needs, and we are sure we can come up a solution that fits within your budget.

We have a wide product knowledge of consumer electronics and we know we can find your perfect match, based on your own needs.

If you need a home network, home office, laptop/computer, printer or any other home technology upgrades, contact us first for free advice, a solution that works for you, within your budget, supply, installation and ongoing support.

Receive expert advice, supply, installation and ongoing support, and still save money! Here's how!

We are an entirely independant business. We are not affiliated with an specific retailer, nor are we locked into any specific brand. We scour the web to find the best deals from retailers we love, for brands you know and trust. We will search far and wide for the best deals, provide you with a quote based on the best prices for the best brands.

We will buy products on your behalf for the best prices and will always (ALWAYS) pass those savings directly on to you. We will never mark up prices, and will even pass on all original receipts for warranty and tax purposes.

We make our money by providing solid service, getting your tech tuned up to 100% and installing all your tech for a truly connected home. You will never pay for tech you don't need, and you can save time and money by relying on our skills. Put us to the test.


  • Apps to control your home
  • Photos
  • Family sharing
  • Cloud setup
  • Backups
  • Recoveries
  • Troubleshooting

Home Networking

  • Uninterupted WiFi
  • Full home mesh networking
  • WiFi extenders
  • Security
  • Supply and installation
  • Custom home network solutions
  • Speek testing and troubleshooting

Smart homes and IoT

  • Smart appliances set up
  • Smart speaker set up
  • Security and control
  • Complete smart home solutions
  • Smart lighting
  • Voice and app activation
  • Troubleshooting

Working from Home

  • Home office set up
  • Printers
  • Networking/smart integration
  • Speed optimisation
  • Product recommendation, supply and installation

Laptops and PCs

  • Windows and Mac
  • Speed up slow computers
  • RAM and SSD/HDD upgrades
  • Software installation
  • Virus removal
  • Network integration
  • Troubleshooting

TVs and Home Theatre

  • Smart appliances set up
  • Smart speaker set up
  • Complete smart home solutions
  • Smart lighting
  • Voice and app activation
  • Troubleshooting

Privacy and Security

  • Secure your home network
  • Secure your home with smart security
  • Privacy online and on social media
  • Help and support with online security

Tech Literacy

  • Free tech support for everyone Australia wide
  • Answers to your basic tech questions online
  • In home and remote/video tech support
  • Supply and installation of tech software and hardware
  • We want to empower you to take control of your tech. Noone should be left behind.

Friendly help

  • No questions asked advice
  • Your tech solution in simple English
  • We want to empower you to take control
  • Service with a smile
  • Great prices on in home tech support
  • We will find you the best deals on a solution that works for you, supply, install and provide ongoing support online forever