Wifi Woes?

Harness the power of mesh wifi to kill dead zones.

7 May 2023

Are you tired of poor WiFi connections in your home? Did you know there are many things, from the material your home is made from, to the humidity, to the location of major appliances that can all affect the strength and stability of your WiFi connection?

Mesh WiFi is a wireless network technology that uses multiple access points to create a single, seamless WiFi network throughout your home. Unlike traditional WiFi extenders or boosters, Mesh WiFi eliminates the need for signal amplification by creating multiple nodes that work together to blanket your home with strong and consistent WiFi coverage.

So, how does Mesh WiFi work? Simply put, Mesh WiFi uses a main router connected to your modem, which communicates with several satellite nodes placed strategically throughout your home. These nodes act as additional access points, communicating with each other to create a unified and robust WiFi network. This means that even if one node is located in a room with brick walls, it can still communicate with other nodes and provide you with a strong WiFi signal.

Mesh WiFi is particularly useful for homes with multiple floors or thick walls that may interfere with WiFi signals. The multiple access points provide more coverage and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy a strong and stable WiFi connection throughout your home.

Most Mesh WiFi systems come with a user-friendly app that guides you through the installation process. All you need to do is connect the main router to your modem, plug in the satellite nodes, and use the app to configure your network settings. Once set up, you can easily manage your WiFi network from the app, including adding or removing nodes and adjusting network settings.

Mesh WiFi uses multiple access points to create a seamless WiFi network throughout your home, eliminating the need for signal boosters. This technology is particularly useful for homes with multiple floors or thick walls. Setting up a Mesh WiFi system is easy and straightforward, and most come with a user-friendly app for easy management.

Source: TP Link

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