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Turn your Google Nest Hub into the World's Best Digital Photo Frame

Words by Nadir | 14 March 2021 | 5 min read

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At Home Techy, some of the most frequent inquiries we get relate to the Google Nest suite of products.

The Google Nest suite includes various smart products for the home (aka your 'nest' I guess??), including speakers, displays, networking, cameras, and alarms. Each product works seamlessly with the other to create a nice integrated network of products.

One of the most popular products in the Nest lineup is the Nest Hub. This device can become the brains of your smart home, allowing you to control your lights, temperature security, music with a tab or verbal instruction, as well as showing you your schedules, recipes, notes, music, and videos.

Despite all this connectivity and integration, one of the single best features of this product is the ability to create and display photos. You are able to easily create a shared photo album, that you and anyone else you would like are able to contribute to. You can also set photos of particular people, places, and animals to automatically be added to your shared album, to be displayed on your home hub in real-time.

In order to this, you will need to use Google Photos. Currently, with over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store alone, Google Photos is one of the most popular, and in my opinion, the best ways to view and manage your photos.

Start by creating a shared photo album in photos. In the App, select LIBRARY and then NEW ALBUM. Create a title, and then using the SHARE button, add other album contributors. If your Hub is located in your family kitchen, you could add your partner or children as album contributors. Or you could always keep it all to yourself.

Now, this is where you can start being a bit creative. You are able to select specific people or pets to be automatically added to your photo album. And you can also start to add individual photos on your own. This album can grow and change as time goes on, adding or removing people from the automatic photo adding list, as well as adding or removing album contributors.

On your Home Hub, simply select the album you would like to display. Now you have an always up-to-date, constantly changing photo album your whole family can contribute to. And don't forget, you can always ask Google to show you a specific photo from a specific location of a specific person at any time too.

This is the best digital photo frame you can get.

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